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Last modified on January 27, 1999.
I was a long time without any stable layout, but in 1994 I was presented an opportunity to put one together. The layout isn't finished yet (see my planes), but when I feel like playing I'm able to let it down from the roof. It hangs there on parachute cords and sail rollers.

The surface is a 3x1.25 meters Nikecell® (polyuretane foam) board on a simple wooden construction. The rails aren't fixed because of the themporary character of the layout.

The subject is a 2-track mainline with a side-track.

The rails are ex-Berliner TT Bahnen U-profils (today called PILZ TT-Standard). I've two PIKO FZ1 power packs. Although the switches are suitable for electrical control only the more distant ones are connected. With my brothers help, some of houses and streets are illuminated. This was done around X-mas 1995.

This is the link to the track plane (18k gif).

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